Chaichareon Viet Thai Co.,Ltd

Wednesday - 04/05/2016 14:41
Chaichareon Viet Thai Co.,Ltd
Founded in March 2001, Co. Chaichareon Vietnam - Thai headquartered in Lao Bao Trade Zone in Quang Tri Province. Chaichareon is also the first flag of enterprises with 100% foreign capital investment in Lao Bao trade zone - Quang Tri. Co. Chaichareon Vietnam - Thai specializes in manufacturing all kinds of soft drinks branded Super Horse and scented towel Super Horse, investing in Vietnam with a total investment of $ 3 million, the company has built a modern factory on an area of ​​20,000m2 with the first product is Super Horse energy drink. More than 10 years of construction and development, the company has always done good motto meritocracy, planned training of human resources. To attract employees qualified and capable, the company has developed specific policies: environment of modern civilization, facilitated with accommodation, accommodation for officers and staff in far; Implement satisfactory regime for salaried individual according to ability and qualifications. Every year the company also shall review, voted timely reward for individuals and collectives to perform well in the working process. The company has a team of technical staff, skilled workers together and efforts to build the company. Machinery and equipment investment is also of concern, periodic maintenance to ensure production schedule.

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