Positive and mobilization to bring Vietnamese products to consumers

Wednesday - 13/01/2016 18:03
Positive and mobilization to bring Vietnamese products to consumers
With the functions and tasks of the State management agencies specialized, as a member of the Steering Committee for the Campaign (CVD) "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam," the last time, the Department of Trade has built pole, active implementation of activities, programs to implement good campaign, bringing goods Vietnam to consumers in the province.
To CVD "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam" are implemented effectively, the Department has implemented several documents to guide local enterprises in implementing CVD. At the same time, directed the implementation of local enterprises bring Vietnamese goods to rural areas, especially the essential commodities to sell valorization to confirm the position of Vietnamese goods, contributing to stabilize the market. Through the media industry and media agencies conducted propaganda, mobilize people and businesses performing CVD response, thereby enabling enterprises to consume the product, consumers correct perception of quality branded merchandise Vietnam. At the same time, the Department has created an opportunity for businesses to organize promotions, promotion and propagation of Vietnamese goods to consumers. Focus advocacy, campaigning now well prepared with high-quality source of domestically produced, with reasonable prices in rural areas, mountainous and remote. Besides, the Department of Trade and Industry has directed stepping up trade promotion activities in order to continue to exploit and develop the domestic market, export, promote potential products, the strength of the provincial through the organization of fairs, markets Vietnamese goods, consumer goods exhibition synthetic ... Thus, from 2010 until now, businesses in the province, especially the two major business is Public Commercial Services Ltd Saigon Dong Ha and JSC Corporation Quang Tri Trading held several waves bring Vietnamese products to rural, mountainous and combined with the promotion, promotion and customer care. Specifically, Ltd. Trade in Services Saigon Dong Ha has organized the mobile sales programs such as the program "Proud Vietnamese goods", the program "Bringing Vietnamese goods to the countryside" program "Customers Vietnam on Industrial Park", sales of over 80 billion and nearly 72 outlets in rural areas, remote areas, remote areas and industrial zones. Trading Corporation of Quang Tri has built brand products produced by the company, processing such as starch, goofy, rice dragon blood ... With that, the company has also held several round mobile sales to two mountainous districts Huong Hoa and Đakrông, achieved sales of over 69 billion. Currently, the province has nearly 20 businesses, retail distributors of consumer goods every day with over 40 pickup truck carrying consumer goods production by Vietnam put on the retail end remote villages, remote areas with sales of over 500 million / day. Besides, the Department has directed the Center for Industrial Promotion and Trade Promotion in collaboration with provincial businesses in the province held 8 fair "Bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas."
          Along with advocacy activities, to CVD "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam" is implementing a far-reaching, effective, Trade and Industry Department has had many forms of appropriate business support. Through promotions and trade promotion, as of now the Department has assisted over 4.2 billion to help businesses improve the technique, enhance product quality, branding ... Via which encourages organizations and individuals to invest in machinery and equipment innovation, improve quality and productivity, ensuring food safety. Organize and mobilize businesses involved 10 trade fairs have incorporated the theme "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam." Encourage businesses, distributor sales prioritized by Vietnam produced simultaneously with the combination with the promotion, promotion, customer care. Thus, over the years the province has no fever phenomenon worldwide, unreasonable price increases, especially for essential commodities, ensure market price stability. The department also cooperates with the provincial Consumer Protection provides information on the market, the quality of goods Vietnam for people to choose and make the commitment to protect the consumer. Through the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting, from 2009 to date, the Steering Committee against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting province (Department of Trade was standing body) has directed sectors and forces against smuggling in the province discovered and seized over 12 thousand cases, administrative sanctions on 35 billion, the total value of goods seized over 184 billion. Strengthening inspection and control of the market, and smuggling, evaded, counterfeit and shoddy goods, strengthen market management ..., to protect goods produced in the country, creating Healthy competition in the market. Trade and Industry Department was given responsibility for market management department directed the provincial management team closely geographical markets, in close coordination with the forces of local functions and strengthen supervision and inspection of enterprises now have a large market share, have monopoly position in order to detect, prevent and deal promptly businesses infringement benefit consumers.
          With many specific activities and positive, doit helped implement effective CVD "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam", consumers in the province date change perceptions towards Domestic goods. Especially for rural, remote, remote, consumers have started to prefer familiar and goods produced domestically. Consumer trends Vietnam, especially the high-quality goods, the origin clear, reasonable prices increasing, the consumption of foreign goods tend to subside. Can confirm that CVD "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam" had very pervasive strong in all classes of people in the region, and thereby stimulate and promote patriotism and gradually changing consumer culture of the people in the province. The main consumer confidence for Vietnamese goods encouraged, encouraging all economic sectors to keep innovating to produce more goods and products with high quality Vietnam and gradually replace imports, better meet the needs of domestic consumers.

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