Bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas, benefit from two sides

Wednesday - 13/01/2016 18:09
Bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas, benefit from two sides
In order to promote and mobilize people in Quang Tri Province priority for Vietnam, annually, to direct the attention of the Department of Trade Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Trade; Department of Trade and local governments, Industry Promotion Center and the provincial trade promotion organization of the fair brought Vietnam production line of service in the rural market, to create favorable conditions for people shopping domestic goods produced in accordance with their standard of living, and now also have the opportunity to expand the market to develop production.
The people of Vietnam have the opportunity to purchase the right quality and price

Continuous the years, Industry Promotion Center and the provincial trade promotion held each year from 6 to 8 fairs bring Vietnamese goods to rural areas in order not only to create conditions for people to have access to the purchase of goods in producers ensure quality, affordable, but also to raise awareness and consumer culture of the rural population, thus helping them change in consumer behavior, attention, taking precedence over production commodity products produced by Vietnam, gradually formed Popular psychology Vietnam every use in people.

Fair Vietnam's first restaurant in 2015 was held at Gio An Commune, Gio Linh district on the occasion people have completed growing summer crop. Although this summer, hot weather over the years, but during the 3 days of the fair, every day attracted a large number of people turn to shopping.

Sister An Hoa Nha village, Gio An Commune, Gio Linh early evening to take advantage of market-buy daily necessities for the family. She said: "Goods sold at the fair with the usual variety in the local market are not selling as some food items processed, housewares, affordable, quality assurance, I buy a little more for later personal use. In particular, the ready clothing for pretty cheap price, sleek, good material to attract shoppers. What is more important is buying at the fair is not happening cases mistakenly buy counterfeit and shoddy goods, goods of unknown origin or origins. Goods sold here are guaranteed food safety, in line with the tastes of the rural consumers. "

With sizes from 25- 30 10-12 booths of participating businesses, each fair bringing goods to rural Vietnam was held for 3 days attracted about 3.000- 4.000 participants procurement, revenue from 300- 400 million. People go there not only shopping but also participate in fun and entertainment to create the spirit of comfort after a day of hard labor. In addition, when consumers buy the product also received promotional gifts business. Therefore, to attract more attention of people shopping from the Vietnamese goods fair. Rural people are increasingly trusted more on Vietnam high quality goods replaced for many imported goods of inferior quality.

Enterprises have many opportunities to expand market

To better serve the shopping needs of the people and units involved included Vietnamese goods to rural areas of goods prepared with rich abundant food category as processed, garments, housewares, cosmetics, detergent ... Co.opMart Dong Ha was the one that involved most of the time organizing fairs bring Vietnamese goods to rural areas of Quang Tri province with the largest scale , accounting for about 1/3 scale market. Thanks to the many volumes prepared, abundant species, ensure quality, cheaper prices of goods of the same type from 5 to 10% compared to the rural market to the supermarket when reaching high sales and generally fair after a turnover higher than previous market day. The reason for such results thanks through this fair, Supermarket Co.opmart Dong Ha has studied, understanding the needs of local goods to complement the products fit into the trading system mine.

Participation in the fair, in addition to reason sales increase, businesses introduce conditional image, promote their products to consumers, collecting much more information on the needs, tastes the rural market potential but not fastidious as export markets, thereby fully evaluated and the most accurate on the advantages of each region and each locality to develop production strategies and organizations channel suitable distribution, improving its market share in rural markets. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for businesses to find partners, market, development agents, expanding production and business cooperation. Businesses are also more aware of their responsibility to consumers that the organization of production, sales of products with high quality goods, contributing to healthy domestic commodity market and promote economic background -XH local development.

Businesses participating in the fair to bring Vietnamese products to the countryside successful partly thanks to the support received from agencies and organizations. Phi Tran Tuong, Head of Trade Promotion, Industry Promotion Center and the provincial trade promotion said Centre in collaboration with the local authorities to organize the fairs pretty items, from the stage of inviting call the participating enterprises to prepare the facilities offered at the fair, especially the propaganda before and during the fair. The center has focused advocacy fair on mass media, mobile communication, via loudspeaker system of communal, communication with banners, slogans, flags banners ... Thus, the markets are calling for more business involvement and attracted people to shopping, gradually rebranding Vietnam high quality goods on rural markets; building a stable market and sustainable, providing credit to people for Vietnam goods.

However today, the lives of people in rural areas, especially in remote and isolated many difficulties, the purchasing power of the people is limited so businesses need to carefully calculate shipments to Vietnam the countryside so effectively. Rural market potential of more than 75% of the population but also always flooded with smuggled goods with cheap poor quality, so businesses need to have real community effort to bring goods to market this field. To the fair bring Vietnamese products to rural areas more efficient, more scale, the authorities should have policies to support enterprises to timely and enterprises should make good use of it to boldly deals participation as beneficial to both businesses and consumers.

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