Advancing trade promotion brand of agricultural products at Cam Lo

Tuesday - 17/01/2017 14:27
Advancing trade promotion brand of agricultural products at Cam Lo
Over the years, Cam Lo district (Quang Tri province) had the first step toward building the connection between farmers and enterprises, credit institutions  and scientists in the field of production - process - consume agricultural products with typical products such as: pepper, tapioca, peanut oil, rubber latex, wood pellets, herbal … that contribute to improve the efficiency production of positive agricultural products of local.
Cam Lo district also cared about encouraging and supporting recognition for traditional villages as well as building new craft villages that particularly contribute to process and consume some significant farm products grew in this local.We can see clearly the effective performance across these figures showed below. An Thai tapioca processing factory has capital 800 - 1000 tonnes of fresh cassava per day that supplying about 20% of plant capacity.
Cam Lo rubber latex processing factory has capital 5000 tonnes of products annual which are equivalent 15000 tonnes rubber latex per year providing above 50% of plant capacity while total rubber latex products of district was 8000 tonnes per year. Tu Phong peanut oil primary processing company has capital 1500 tonnes yearly which was equivalent 5000 tonnes of peanut while the whole number of average peanuts of district was 1300 - 1500 tonnes per year that supplying approximately 30% plant capacity. Dinh Son herbal craft village produces the number of 135 tonnes anual which are equivalent 1350 tonnes of fresh material. Cam Thach noodle traditional craft village processes about 3600 tonnes of rice yearly. Turmeric starch process craft which concentrates on primarily in Cua area (include Cam Chinh and Cam Xa villages) expenditures average above 100 tonnes of fresh turmeric per year.
Beside attracting investment industry to process agricultural products, Cam Lo district had the policies to support enterprises build and protect products brand associated with businesses, promote research activities, learn the market, promote commercial products , create some export products and build product brand such as: Dinh Son herbal, Cua pepper, turmeric starch, peanut oil, cao ca gai leo...
Futhermore, district authority enhanced coordination and connecting with domestic consumer market as well as focus on markets in the major cities and neighboring provinces with products from cattle, poultry, herbal, pepper… At the same time, the functional departments of district also concentrate on providing legal knowledge, information about market and sciency - technology for enterprises, improve the ability to access market through trade promotion programmes, exhibitions and fairs.
            Particularly, by 2016, there had been three agricultural products belong to Cam Lo district won the typical rural industry prize of Quang Tri province the third (peanut oil, vang tea and turmeric starch). Therein, peanut oil product won the first prize belong to the level of province and recognised typical rural agricultural product of central region and Tay Nguyen in the year 2006.
Mr. Tran Hoai Linh, manager of economic - infrastructure department of Cam Lo district said “To together with businesses broaden brand, advance the quality of products follow by helping enterprises access and extend consume market as well as having opportunities to participate export products directly, Cam Lo district established trade promotion office of district, set website about Cam Lo agricultural products, supported building places and centrals to advertise specialty products of district in the national highway 1A, route 6, Ho Chi Minh street.
            District authority also priority allocated budget for agricultural products commercial activities, researched market demand, catched up timely fluctuations of market to forecast, adjust the plant and animals constructure suitable for each stage that contribute to enhance the competitiveness of key products.
Beside that, district had policies to encourage and implement solutions which create favorable conditions for businessmans invest and research technology innovation, improve the quality of products, experiment new products and services follow by raising effective performance of enterprises. From 2010 to 2016, Cam Lo district implemented 40 industrial promotion schemes with total budget of 14.5 billion VND while district supported the amount of money 512 million VND.
From sources of capital support industry promotion and develop science - technology, Cam Lo district had favoured of raising product quality, built brand for agricultural products with high competitiveness in the market such as Vang tea of Cua pepper service office, cao ca gai leo, chamber bitter plant, polygonum of Mai Thi Thuy household in Dinh Son hamlet, Cam Thanh village; peanut oil of Tu Phong one member co.,Ltd; cao ca gai leo of Le Hong Nhan household in An My hamlet, Cam Tuyen village…
There was noticeable that ‘Research and application energy saving technology, improve production efficiency and product value in the production of herbal’ project belong to An Xuan facility with partly budget from Science and Technology Department invested the equipment include 6 pots and 1 thermal cooker 200l which aim to improve productivity and quality of cao ca gai leo product. With advantages such as the upper layer does not overflow and under layer is not  burned as the device can adjust reasonable temperature when condensed that lead to solution is not be denatured, retain colour, flavor, composition, properties of liquid before condensed so products have special colour, flavor and good quality. Beside that, condensated by using the thermal cooker also create products greener and hygiene guaranteed. As the result, An Xuan cao ca gai leo product is more having the position on the market.
            At the same time, in 2016, Cam Lo district collaborated Research and Development of agricultural systems Centre - Food Crops and food plants Institute implement ‘Support development of Viet Nam geographical indications of Quang Tri province’ project. In there, Cam Lo district developing geographical indication of pepper trees follow by cooperating to Global environment fund (GEF) implement ‘Building community management model and using land and water resources to produce peanut effectively and sustainably which would adapt climate change’ project. These are the significant plants contribute to develop as well as advertise brand for key seedlings of district in the domestic and the world market.                                                        

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